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"Greatest service to the industry since programmed compensation plans and $1,000 Commissions." - Beau R. Arkansas
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Realize your most ambitious goals, faster. We'll help.

Ready to unleash the full power of your Marketing Portfolio and maximize your ROI?
Your ONE ON ONE Traffic Advisor will guide you into the following:

  1. Developing a marketing budget.
  2. Teaching you how to build your list FOR FREE around your passions with:
    • Youtube
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Snapchat
    • Banners
    • Clicks and More...
  3. Begin building your list NOW to being monetizing that list with Tier 1 Traffic.
  4. Providing Access To Exclusive (hidden) Affiliate lists no one has access to
    • Getting you ranked at the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other high ranking websites through banner ad placement.
  5. Working with you on personal branding yourself with your own lead capture pages, sales funnels and banner ads.
    • You will be working with a personal branding advisor as well as your traffic coach to begin branding yourself. This will result in personally branded lead capture pages, sales funnels and multiple sized banner ads featuring you.
  6. The final stages of your one on one coaching will be to personally develop an overall balanced marketing portfolio that is producing income for you from multiple online outlets.

Create the roadmap for your business goals.

Our Traffic Advisory Service is the premier service that My Traffic Secretary provides! We are solely focused on you and your immediate marketing needs as it relates to you making money now and years to come.

We'll show you the best marketing governance practices, help you drive traffic, and make sure every part of your business operates as efficiently as possible.

Your Traffic Advisor will help you develop the strategic roadmap to align your Traffic infrastructure with your desired business outcomes.

Deliver on your marketing and sales goals with Free and Paid Traffic

Your Advisor will go beyond what the secretary will do for you. You will personally be guided to begin marketing with Free and Instant Traffic. You will have full access to our marketing sources database so you can start building your list while monetizing it immediately.

Your fortune is in your list and Your Traffic Advisor is focused on helping you build that list so it builds your bank account now and for years to come through both Free and Paid traffic sources.

Your Traffic advisor will work with you from Strategy all the way through implementation. Helping you achieve your goals, faster.


Tap into deep industry and traffic expertise through one on one guidance.

Want to know where all the Gurus, Top Affiliates, Industry Leaders advertise? We will show you how to divide your advertising budget into various traffic platforms that yield high end conversions rates like a pro.

Want to dominate Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, YouTube and more? We'll show you how.


Need Traffic solutions? Use our services.

Choose the scenario that speaks to your business goals and then see the solution to help you achieve them.


1) Do you need help driving traffic and getting up and running?

For growing mid-size businesses, some of the initial challenges are simply getting started, driving traffic, troubleshooting conversion issues, and proper ad placement. Sound familiar? We can help.


Consultative success

2) Do you need help Getting your ranked at the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing? Want Data-driven Traffic Insights instead of wasting money on random ads?

Learn what keywords your customers are searching under. Discover the difference personalized branding has on your campaign. Advertise only where you see results. If your goal is to develop, advance, and win, this service is for you.


Transformational Success

3) Do you need help building and maintaining your list ?

Your enterprise business is doing well but you want to go further? If you need hands-on strategic traffic advice, help with ad implementation, Tracking and conversion monitoring, or always-on traffic support? This service is for you.



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